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The Best African Freestyle Entertainer- DanDizzy


DanDizzy born in the 90s from Nigeria as Daniel Darius Tuotamuno, is the best rap freestyle entertainer from Africa.

Perhaps you are a freestyle rapper and feel very talented enough, smart, and qualified to conquer the walls, undisputable Nigerian king of freestyle, DanDizzy, has built for himself in the freestyle game since 2013 till date, from the southern part of Nigeria, in Port harcourt; then you can head south, it’s his territory where he sprouted and grew from.

Meanwhile, as you head, accompany care & caution: because he is a freestyle beast and as you approach him to prove yourself a worthy challenge, I kneel by the side and pray for your homecoming to be safely warm and kind, as I trust you would become an instructional edifice to your kind because he would trample and bruise your skull with his non-stopping and very striking flows.

Well, ‘You’ would be intrigued and entirely mind-blown like the popular Nigerian photographer and videographer, Amazing Klef, who ended in heavy excitement as he left overacting happiness for the perfection of Dizzy on the mic at his “SHOWOFF” show, curated to experience the talents of highly skilled rappers from Nigeria.

They would be given beats to kill live at the studio, and basically, Klef, was baffled by DanDizzy’s pungent rap freestyle skills and he concluded the show by saying: “This is the best ‘SHOWOFF’ show ever! I said it.

Amazing Klef strongly confessed because he obviously had one of the best moments of his life on “SHOWOFF” with DanDizzy’s striking and continuous freestyle.

Watch the Video Where he was freestyling at Amazing Klef Showoff Show Below

Notwithstanding, Klef, hosted other top-notch Nigerian rappers like Ice PrinceLayconSarkodieVectorMagnitoZlatanYceeCDQ on his “SHOWOFF”.

While Ice Prince Zamani freestyled on the “SHOWOFF” set and has been recognized as one of Nigeria’s notable award-winning rappers from the last decade in Nigerian hip-hop music/rap.

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But then, Klef had, and strongly confessed of the most entertaining and unforgettable experience on his “SHOWOFF” ever, even after several amazing guest appearances took the bow and shot, but Dizzy nailed the “SHOWOFF” and made an unforgettable brilliant experience, on the existence of freestyle in the Nigerian music industry.

So, as you may earn yourself a chance and head on a battle with the King of Nigerian freestyle, DanDizzy, at your first battle lap he would leave you entirely thrilled and you would totally feel connected to his fascinating flows on your first battle.

So probably when you prepare on this mission to conquer a king on the mic and a god of African rap freestyle; it could be your end to battle victorious and conquer the very best of freestyle creators – DanDizzy.

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Battle this king with great caution, his kind is undisputed and he has kept social media trends and has broken records.

He keeps the crowd and people really connected.

DanDizzy is beyond an excellent freestyler who simply spit bars continuously at your own listening detriment to fall in love with the sweet and well-composed flows; in between, he entertains, he makes a crowd and gives them what they would definitely appreciate.

This is one of the most critical points of view that I won’t strain to prove for too long.

Obviously, he has been experiencing rapid growth on his social media accounts and the flood of responses from newly converted Nigerians and African lovers of his art says he is their most beloved.

From this year’s freestyling on “SHOWOFF” with Amazing Klef as host, dropping his bars and catchy freestyle; to rapping sweet at a big mall in Lagos proves a lot and frontiers his undying potency in the game.

He was recently at a motor park in Port-Harcourt city, where he connected many people to his entertaining freestyle, the travelers, hawkers, and passersby could relate and become highly excited.

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Wave Zaddy is really a special entertainer and it’s a fact, it’s no longer a hidden story at this moment.

He is yet to peak into the mainstream, and he is cooking up songs in midway that he just sounded the wake-up bell for Nigerian rappers and freestylers to go for their rehearsals where they master flows and bars as the entire scene has seen the rise of a freestyle ruler.

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DanDizzy is entirely the best freestyler from Nigeria, and he is headed on the same game to conquer the scene of Africa and, if you feel strong enough for a battle of the best, the challenge is open and he would remain undefeated, strong, and forever undisputed. He is the best!

Watch a video of Performing at Waterlines Motor Park in Port Harcourt



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