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Bitcoin Breaks New Feat, Now Trading at $60,000

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Less than a month after printing its previous all-time high on February 21st, the flagship crypto,bitcoin has done it again. Bitcoin just surged past and charted fresh highs, hitting $60,000.

At the time of writing this report, Bitcoin traded at $60, 000 with a daily trading volume of about $60 billion. Bitcoin is up 5.13% for the day. The world’s most popular crypto dominance was also around 61.5%, up almost 2% in the past few days.

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Crypto pundits are however not surprised at such a feat amid the roller coaster sessions in the Bitcoin market over the past month, as many people question if the bull-run had come to its end.

The world’s flagship crypto is already printing wealth at record levels not seen in recent years.

This is coming on the backdrop that investors are flocking into Bitcoin on the account credible institutional investors from Tesla Inc, BlackRock to Square move a portion of cash reserves into cryptocurrencies as digital assets become more mainstream.

The flagship crypto has gained more than fourteen times its previous value sighted about a year ago when it traded around $3,800.

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Global investors and crypto experts anticipate that Bitcoin’s trajectory remains optimistic. There is no doubt, 2021 continues to shape up as a very exciting year for Bitcoin.

The flagship crypto has gotten more credibility in recent days from blue-chip companies like Mastercard, and America’s oldest bank, BNY Mellon, showing support for Bitcoin. Mastercard had earlier disclosed that it would open up its network to some cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.



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